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Are you tired of the constant rush, pressure, and stress of launching? 


Do marketing strategies have your head spinning?

Are the results of all your hard work to get new clients disappointing you?

Sustainable Marketing Strategies
for Driven WomEn Business Owners

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Take the first step towards stress-free marketing! 

At Ashley-Anne & Co., we take a different approach to marketing. 

The Anti-Launch Marketing Strategy

Phase I

We craft for you a longevity-minded strategy based on tactics that will fit seamlessly into your current operation while making the biggest positive impact on your business’s bottom line. 

Your custom strategy will be customer-centric, experience-centric, and clearly set you apart from the competition in the marketplace. 

Better still, your strategy will empower and invigorate you and your business rather than draining or distracting you! 

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Choose from The Red Carpet Experience or the Quick Start Build to put your Anti-Launch Marketing Strategy into action!

Phase 2

With The Red Carpet Experience, Ashley-Anne & Co. will personally and masterfully build out your marketing action plan, branding, and tactics for you – leaving you to focus on the aspects of your business that you love. 

If you or your business simply aren’t ready to lay out the red carpet to welcome in your VIP clients, we’ll set you up with the Quick Start Build. While you build out each tool within your business, Ashley-Anne & Co. will be by your side to guide you with best practices and customized recommendations to get you the most impact in your business. 

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 “I’m so grateful to Ashley for helping me get my digital house in order. As an entrepreneur it's easy to put your own work last. Ashley-Anne helped me provide rigour to my social media presence, while encouraging me to experiment with new approaches.”

Erin Romeo, Founder of Pivot Turn

“When it came time to introduce our startup to the rest of the world, Ashley-Anne provided the agile support we needed to kick start our campaign. Having her in the trenches in those first 6 months were critical to driving our momentum. We’re confident she can activate your campaign on every possible channel!”

Communications Strategist, Global Tech Company

“Working with Ashley-Anne felt as though I was working with a friend. Someone who was supportive and knowledgeable of my business, looking for critical improvements, and provided immediate, actionable solutions to help me grow my target audience and improve my conversions.”

Janine D., Owner of Wheat and Wildflower Handmade

Sustainable Marketing Strategies
for Driven WomEn Business Owners

Why haven’t your marketing strategies and launches worked in the past? 

Because you need to know your audience – and I mean really know them. 

This worksheet will help you get to the heart and soul of what makes your ideal audience tick and click.

Get the free  Audience Profiling Worksheet

Take the first step towards stress-free marketing! 

Let me help you find relief from the endless cycle of launches and wrong-fit marketing tactics so you can get back to running the business you love! 


Business ownership is no walk in the park – especially for women. 

After earning a business degree and forging my own path in the entrepreneurial world and seeing how many business owners were struggling to build and operate their businesses, I saw no reason why marketing should be another burden layered on top. 

I’m on a mission to lighten the burden of business ownership for women entrepreneurs by crafting lean, custom marketing strategies designed to drive results for years, not months.

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